Gimnazjum im. E. Bojanowskiego w Lubsku, Polska


Lubsko Poland

Gimnazjum im. E. Bojanowskiego w Lubsku has been a partner in an international project for over a year. “Play our anthems, share our traditions” – it is a title of the project, main objective is broadly defined cultural exchange involving six different nations. Until now, the students and teachers of partner schools have got the opportunity to actively participate in the project activities carried out in Turkey, Greece, Romania and Italy. After four foreign visits, it’s time to take the project partners in Poland. The aim of the Polish school was both: to realize the important activity of the project, to determine further forms of implementation of the project, as well as familiar with the specifics of the Partners Polish customs and traditions.
On the first day of the visit, school partners held a meeting a few hours. Participants use multimedia presentations to show the description of their school and they talked about further aspects of their native traditions and customs. After the presentation, participants took part in the activities „Secret Friend”, aimed at the integration of both student groups and teachers. After the official part of the meeting hosts, along with the guests went to the sports hall, where they played pretty good common integration, more than two-hour sports games.
Another day, partners had a chance to participate in the school celebration. Partners were invited to the Gala of that celebration. They went first to the solemn mass to church. There was familiarized with the Catholic rite of religious ceremonies. The rest of the celebration of the school took place in the House of Culture, where, thanks to the simultaneous translation, partners could be closely involved in all aspects of the event. The final stage of this meeting was the part where partners from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey with playing Polish anthem and presented to the community from Lubsko their national dances. It was amazing experience. Invited people have been speaking about those dances for long time. It was really show and sharing with common traditions.
The third and fourth day of attendance in Poland was devoted to actions which were aimed at showing the Polish culture. School partners know some elements of the cultural landscape of Lubuskie Land and Lower Silesia. While the historic trails of the region were acquainted with the existing Polish area of western architecture and urbanism. In order to present forms of celebration of holidays in Poland, hosts and partners participated jointly in the practical activities related to the Polish celebration of Christmas. Accompanied by the singing of carols, baking Christmas gingerbread etc.
Rounding out Thursday’s visit was the evaluation meeting summarizing the entire stay. During the evaluation of the host in Poland Partners completed the open questionnaire, which aimed to identify strengths and weaknesses in Lubsko visit. The next step was to discuss the evaluation made design activity. The last part of the meeting was devoted to organizational affairs related to the last meeting in Bulgaria.
After the end of the meeting of the evaluation visits to all participants received the certificates officially confirming their presence and involvement in the activities of the project.
Thanks to a few days of the presence of Turkey, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy in Lubsko, the school community of Gimnazjum im. E. Bojanowskiego significantly broadened their horizons. Gaining proficiency in the English language and the possibility of empirical knowledge of the representatives of foreign cultures has helped to break the stereotypical understanding of the world and enabled them to establish international contacts.

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